Iraq CAA

Consolidated AIP                             Effective Date: 11 OCT 2018


AIRAC AIP AMDT 06/2018              Effective Date: 11 OCT 2018
AIRAC AIP AMDT 05/2018              Effective Date: 13 SEP 2018
AIRAC AIP AMDT 04/2018              Effective Date: 16 AUG 2018
AIRAC AIP AMDT 03/2018              Effective Date: 26 APR 2018
AIRAC AIP AMDT 02/2018              Effective Date: 29 MAR 2018
AIRAC AIP AMDT 01/2018              Effective Date: 01 FEB 2018
AIRAC AIP AMDT 07/2017              Effective Date: 07 DEC 2017
AIRAC AIP AMDT 06/2017              Effective Date: 12 OCT 2017
AIRAC AIP AMDT 05/2017              Effective Date: 17 AUG 2017
AIRAC AIP AMDT 04/2017              Effective Date: 22 JUN 2017
AIRAC AIP AMDT 03/2017              Effective Date: 27 APR 2017
AIRAC AIP AMDT 02/2017              Effective Date: 02 MAR 2017
AIRAC AIP AMDT 01/2017              Effective Date: 05 JAN 2017
AIRAC AIP AMDT 03/2016              Effective Date: 10 NOV 2016
AIRAC AIP AMDT 02/2016              Effective Date: 21 JULY 2016
AIRAC AIP AMDT 01/2016              Effective Date: 31 MAR 2016
AIRAC AIP AMDT 06/2015              Effective Date: 04 FEB 2016
AIRAC AIP AMDT 05/2015              Effective Date: 10 DEC 2015


AIP AMDT 01/2018              Effective Date: 01 SEP 2018






(AIP) Explained

The AIP is the overarching aviation document intended primarily to satisfy international requirements for the exchange of permanent aeronautical information and long duration temporary changes essential for safe and efficient air navigation. The Iraq AIP is published in one volume, comprising of 3 books. The AIP is published in an electronic format as a portable document format (.pdf) file, in English only, for use in international and domestic operation, whether the flight is a commercial, military or private one.

Amendments to the AIP are published every 56 days, providing 28 days notification before the re-publication of the full, updated AIP. The timelines for amendments and AIP publication and effective dates are in accordance with the 56 day AIRAC cycle. A checklist of AIP pages containing page number/chart title and the publication or effective date (day, month by name, and year) of the information is reissued with each edition.