Iraq CAA


The ICAA, through the ACA, has responsibility for all operational and safety matters relating to civil aviation into, within and from Iraqi territory. The approving authority for flights intending to overfly, land, or depart from an aerodrome within the Baghdad FIR, is the ICAA. All aircraft require ICAA approval to land, depart, and overfly Iraq. To accomplish this, all carriers will contact the ICAA directly providing any documentation required by the ICAA.

Only civil operators and state flights approved by the ICAA are authorized to overfly Iraqi airspace. Under no circumstances should an aircraft attempt to overfly or enter Iraq without first having obtained the necessary permission.

All company information shall be submitted to the ICAA at least seven days prior to the commencement of the first intended flight, or at least 15 days when such a request is submitted through diplomatic channels. Once carriers are approved by the ICAA. The ICAA is responsible for processing overflights as well as takeoff and landings at ICAA approved aerodromes.

ICAA Approved Airports

Civillian aircraft flying into or out of Iraqi territory shall only be permitted to make their first landing and final departure from an approved International Airport in order to complete required Customs and Immigration clearance. The current ICAA approved International Airports are:

Civil Flights Operation

Requests for civil flights operating in the Baghdad FIR shall be submitted to ICAA at least 24 hours in advance giving details of the proposed flight, and if required will provide written proof of ICAA approval when submitting Overflight or Landing Request Forms.