Iraq CAA

Air Safety

The ICAA responsible for aviation safety regulation and require all operators to comply with the national and international safety standards set in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). The Iraq AIP is formatted in accordance with Annex 15 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation. The procedures contained within are designed for the safety of all aircraft flying in the Baghdad FIR.

Operators must review Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs) regularly for changes affecting the information in this document. Operators organizing and/or conducting flights in the Baghdad FIR must comply with all regulations specified in Iraq AIP. Particular attention should be paid to the following AIP entries:

Title AIP Reference
Book 1
Baghdad Flight Information Region (FIR) Control Authority GEN 1.2
Risks to Flight and Compliance with These Procedure GEN
Transponder Codes GEN
Prior Permission Required (PPR) Procedures GEN1.2.5
Required Navigation Performance Criteria GEN 1.5.2
NOTAM Information GEN
Meteorological Information GEN 3.5.3
Emergencies and Search and Rescue (SAR) GEN 3.6
Book 2
Flight Rules ENR
Restrictions to Civil Aircraft Operations ENR
Terminal Air Traffic Control ENR 1.1.5
Airspace Classification ENR 1.4
Radio and ATC Surveillance System Failure procedures ENR 1.6.3
Altimeter Setting Procedures ENR 1.7
Separation ENR 1.8.2
International Agreements ENR 1.8.3
Flight Planning ENR 1.10
Intercept Procedures ENR 1.12.1
Air Traffic Incidents ENR 1.14.1
Route Descriptions ENR 3.3
Mandatory Routing ENR 3.5.1
Enroute Holding Procedures ENR 3.6
Activities of a Dangerous Nature and Other Potential Hazards ENR 5.3
Book 3
Airport Information AD 2.1